The Rocky Mountain Pine Needle Casting
Silver Creations
Each comes with a personalized card inside the box.
It explains the process to the person receiving it,
and assures them of the uniqueness and value of the piece!
It will mean more to them knowing you made it
yourself, just for them!

The most affordable, unusual pure Silver jewelry in Colorado.

And, You Cast It Yourself!
Pour Your Own Pure Silver Jewelry!

A fun, affordable, and exciting experience for every one,
even the kids can do it, that will forever remind you of your visit to Estes Park!
Come and have a Colorado Experience for the the whole family!
We are located at 157 West Elkhorn, in the Old Church Shops, on the main floor.

What is Pine Needle Casting?

A fourth ounce of .999 Fine Silver (100% Pure Silver) will be placed in a pine log and melted as you watch! At just the right time YOU will pour (cast) the silver in to a bundle of Rocky Mountain Pine Needles. Which by the way instantly flame up and makes the experience even more exciting!

The silver and pine needles are then quenched in water to cool your casting.
Get the satisfaction of creating your own art work and jewelry.

Not just jewelry, a Colorado Experience to remember!

Unique, No Two Will Ever Be The Same!
Truly a conversation piece that will ensure many compliments !

Always Different, No Two Ever Alike!
You will be 100% happy with your castings!

If not, we simply cast them again!

Friends and relatives will marvel at its uniqueness!
A Beautiful Reminder of Your Stay In Estes Park!
Each pendant is displayed in a beautiful gift box for  perfect gift giving.

Great For Gifts!
Each of your hand casted in Colorado pendants are placed on a 20 inch Sterling Silver Chain.

The 20 inch chain assures that it will hang comfortably and look great on everyone!
Where are we?
We Are Easy To Find!
We are right down town in the middle of the west block in the Old Church Shops.
157 West Elkhorn, Estes Park, Colorado

For more information call

The Lazy B Chuckwagon Dinner is closed for good.
It is a shame, but the property was sold for developement.
We invite you to come and make your own Pine Needle Casting!
We melt the Sterling Silver in a Pine Log!
You Will Create A Real Colorado Memory!
You will be proud to wear it and show it off!

If you give it as a gift, you will be assured that it will be greatly appreciated.
You pour the melted Silver into the bundle of pine needles!
It is fun for everyone! Lots of smiles for those watching, too!
Get the satisfaction of creating your own art work and jewelry!
Imagine the fun of telling everyone, how you poured your jewelry into Pine Needles!
Then The FUN Really Begins!
You will search through the pine needles to find your one of a kind silver pendant.
It is fun discovering just what you poured! Its like opening a present!
You will determine where the silver ring will be soldered on the pendant.
Before 5-15-07
After 5-15-07